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The Basics of Intelligent Automation – How to Create a Foundation for Organizational Automation


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In recent years, companies and organization have begun to digitize and automate workflows and processes. Automation equipment suppliers promise fast results and benefits, but in real life, everything is not always that simple.

In order to achieve the benefits, it is necessary to understand what automation aims for, what automation requires and what kind of automation the different tools are intended for. The development model must also be planned in advance in away that the benefits of automation can be reaped.

In this training, we will review the benefits of automation, as well as the prerequisites for achieving them.

We will also get acquainted with the most common tools of automation, as well as with what kind of tool you should approach automation in different cases.


  • What can be achieved with automation?
  • Digitization and the prerequisites for automation – when can you expect to benefit from automation?
  • Different tools of automation – what you should automate with what?
  • What does a good automation pilot look like?

Who is this training suitable for?

The training is suitable for anyone who wants to understand what can be achieved with business digitalization and automation, and what it requires. This training is suitable for all sectors and also for public administration.


  • Provide an understanding of what benefits automation can achieve.
  • Explain what the conditions are for automation to be implemented on a scale where the benefits are real.
  • Give an idea of what the potential targets of automation are and by what means they should be approached.

Coach: Jussi Lattu

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