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Scrum Metrics and Value Stream Analysis

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Metrics are an integral part of development and support Sprint Review. You need to be able to read and interpret the indicators correctly so that the metrics do not mislead you. Simply measuring the velocity and comparing it between teams leads to the wrong result.

  • Agile development metrics
    • Burn-down, burn-up, CFD (Cumulative Flow Diagram)
  • Operational and business metrics
  • The pitfalls of measuring

To improve, one must understand the current state of things. Where does development always get stuck (and why), and how does the entire development organization work? How is the quality of work at each stage of the process? A developer can hardly develop faster – the delays in the process are what matters.

In this training, we will talk about value analysis as well, and you will get the tools to preform the analysis in your own organization.

  • Product development process and stages
  • Roles
  • Quality
  • Bottlenecks and improvement

Make analysis a part of everyday life: review the situation of the development organization regularly, improve and make sure that development runs more smoothly after improvements.

The training is also part of our full Scrum Master Training. You will find the entire training here:

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