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Jurgen Appelo: unFIX foundation workshop


Place: Helsinki.
Price: 1590 € + VAT 24%.

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    For the first time in Finland: Jurgen Appelo & unFIX foundation workshop! Is it time to unFIX your organization?

    What comes after Management 3.0, SAFe, Holacracy, and the Spotify Model? Well, it’s not hard to see in which direction the world is moving: organizations that consist of networked individuals who work from anywhere, who form teams on the fly, who focus on the customer experience (CX), who aim for objectives and achieve results, and make that a whole lotta fun for themselves. Let’s unfix our organizations!

    The unFIX model is a pattern library that helps you with versatile organization design. Unlike many agile scaling frameworks and self-management methods, unFIX has its focus on continuous innovation and the human experience. It facilitates gradual change, dynamic teams, and an important role to play for managers.

    Jurgen Appelo

    Target audience

    Executives, middle managers, human resources, team leaders, agile coaches, product managers, consultants.


    2 days.


    Short presentations + fun exercises + discussions.


    Note: The exact topics covered in a workshop might vary.

    Warming up: Voting Options • Decision-Making Methods • Human Drives

    Structure patterns: Basic Crew Types • Experience Management • Base Types • Forum Types • Team Roles • Case Studies

    Process patterns: Job-to-Be-Done • Value Streams • Cadence • Feedback Loops • Dependency Breakers

    Scaling patterns: Lifecycle Stages • Investment Horizons • Reteaming Options • Portfolios • Scenarios

    Other topics: Principles • Scaling Frameworks • Group Sizes • Purpose • OKRs • Habit-Forming • Delegation Levels • Hybrid Working

    Learning objectives

    • What is the unFIX model and how to apply its patterns?
    • How do we move beyond agile scaling frameworks?


    Some familiarity with agile and lean methods and principles in general. Deep experience is not necessary, but we won’t be explaining basic concepts such as feedback cycles and continuous improvement. 😉

    Pioneers wanted!

    In this workshop, we are pioneers exploring important questions. We won’t have all the answers yet. But for sure, we make some crucial steps toward the future of work.


    This workshop is designed by Jurgen Appelo, author of Management 3.0 and Managing for Happiness

    Ministry Group (case study)

    Why unfix your organization?

    Reshape the business
    Continuous improvement goes far beyond IT and beyond software and manufacturing. Innovation is more than just Agile and Lean.

    Optimize the experience
    Customers don’t care about products; they care about progress and happiness. Turn product-focused teams into experience enablers.

    Ditch the matrix
    There’s no speed in classical hierarchies and matrix organizations. Only self-managed units can act fast when faced with crises or opportunities.

    Fix the transformation
    Clean up the mess created with various agile scaling frameworks. Stop the suffering inflicted by harmful implementation programs.

    Stop the imitations
    Why implement a structure copied from someone else? Dare to be different. Do your own organization design.

    Embrace innovation
    New ideas don’t come from old approaches. You want continuous evolution of the business. Endless flexibility with just enough structure.

    Repurpose the managers
    Don’t buy into the “no managers” mantra. Turn managers into intrapreneurs and get them to manage the system, not the people.

    Give people a tribe
    People leave companies that fail to offer them a sense of belonging and a feeling of recognition. Don’t be that soulless company.

    Enable hybrid working
    Work is not a place where people go; it is something they do. Be the company that stops pushing people around and starts getting things done.

    Start small, grow big
    Disruptive change programs rarely work. Take a more gradual approach and then steadily scale up the transformation.

    About Jurgen Appelo

    As an author, speaker, and founder, Jurgen is helping creative organizations survive and thrive in the 21st century. He offers concrete games, tools, and practices, so you can introduce better management, with fewer managers. Jurgen calls himself a creative networker. But sometimes he’s a writer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, illustrator, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, leader, freethinker, or Dutch guy.

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